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 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

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cutie pie

cutie pie

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taekook….. thanks jimin's jealous.

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9 Daehyun x Zelo selcas

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it’s been 5 months that i didn’t used tumblr but i’m doing this because i want to tell everyone who may know the tumblr user ‘exo-plushie ‘she actually passed away this morning , everything was fast ..we didn’t even know how this passed she was in class and suddenly she fainted…

baekhyun being a qt pie then you have chanyeol…

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Are you in the baby group on Facebook? Well if you have VIP basically.. First come first serve! You probably will have to line up early :( we did it for CN blue in the morning!

No I’m not I shall join!!! Could you link me somehow? I’ll add you on facebook! What’s your full name??

OH SHIT I’m sooo scared im don’t wanna get attacked, and it’s a school day which is unfortunate for me! You’re in uni??
What is the definition of early exactly? HAHAHA

OH yeah how was your CN blue experience? I’m sooo sorry if I’m asking too many questions I’m a newbie and very nervous


im glad he has his priorities straight

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